16th Jul, 2012

Your health is your wealth

Recently I had a huge health event.  After a few days of a small nagging pain in my right hand side I was admitted to hospital and operated on.  My appendix which had by then burst was removed.  I then got to spend four nights in hospital being pumped full of IV antibiotics.  For someone who gave birth 3 times using natural remedies and acupressure for pain relief, this was not my idea of fun.

Because my appendix had burst I ended up with a big cut rather than the originally intended keyhole surgery.  Thankfully bikini wearing is not high on the list of things that are important to me!

During my recovery time I had plenty of time to reflect on my life, my business, my family and my choices.  As a result I have resigned from a couple of committees and resolved to bring more fun and creativity into my life.

I came across a bog site which asked if you could choose between health and money (giving examples like $1m or be blind, $500k or have 1 leg).  Clearly health trumps the lot.  I am grateful for my usually healthy body and commit to keeping it that way.

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