16th Jul, 2012

Helping your teen navigate career choices

This is the time of year where decisions are made by teens.  Along with all the normal challenges of life (what to wear to the ball!) they are navigating the big decisions. 

  • what to do with their lives
  • which careers to choose
  • is a gap year a good idea
  • do they study
  • what do they want to study

Parents of course are always concerned that their teens make good choices without ending up with a huge loan which can be a millstone.

It's also important to remember that the job market is forever evolving.  30 years ago I was told typing skills would not be of any use to me - now I spend much of my time in front of a computer "typing".  Ask kodak how their film developing business is going these days!

Of course teens these days have incredible choices so it's essential that they have someone to guide them.  Often Mum and Dad can't do it - either they don't have enough info or their teen just won't listen.  That's where it can be well worth going to an independent career coach who can help the teen to navigate the path and chart the course.

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